Feedback is good (win stuff!)

Bristol Beer Week 2017 is done. As we dissect how things went this year, we look back at photos and fond memories of the fun we had drinking beer with friends.

We hope that everyone else had a fantastic time too and the feedback we have received has been very positive. That said, most people prefer not to be deliberately mean directly to your face, so it's always a good idea to invite some more general feedback, on an anonymous basis if preferred.


To help us develop what we do, in preparation for Bristol Beer Week 2018, we'd be very grateful if you could take one minute out of your day to fill in our guestbook. It's not onerous and you don't need to provide your email address* if you don't want to, and you most certainly won't get signed up to a mailing list. 

As a small incentive, we will be running a draw when we get 50 individual responses (we currently have ten). If that many people respond, you'll have around a 10% chance of winning something; not bad odds for a 'competition' that takes a minute to enter.

Here are the prizes** (we may have a couple more to add):

*You will need to enter your email address if you want to enter the draw
**Merchandise subject to availability, t-shirts in particular
***Pick up from local Bristol beer shop

Keep up to date on Twitter, and we'll let you know when the draw is imminent.

Footnote: we know the 'Obama drinking beer' meme is a cliche, but, Obama drinking beer!