Bristol Beer Week 2018 | 8-15 September

I’m really happy to announce that the sixth Bristol Beer Week will take place from Saturday 8th to Saturday 15th September 2018. The week will be bookended by two fabulous beery events, one of which will be a first for Bristol.

On the first Saturday, a week before the wonderful Bristol Open Doors Day, we will be coordinating the very first Bristol Breweries Open Doors Day (or the highly catchy and hashtagable 'BBODD' for short). This will be a completely open, inclusive and free event and we hope that every single city based brewery, big and small, will welcome visitors to show them what they’re about and what their beer tastes like. Our aim is to make a genuinely appealing event that people travel to from far and wide; more details will be formed over the next couple of months but block out the diary now!

On the last Saturday we have the middle day of the third Bristol Craft Beer Festival, which is hosting 37 amazing breweries from the UK and around the world. The event has moved to the Lloyds Amphitheatre, making it a bit more accessible and maxing up on the ‘Bristol’ vibe; a perfect place to drink amazing craft beer and watch Bristol’s maritime history float on by.

From Sunday to Friday, we will have the usual mixture of great events at venues across the city. We also hope that many of the non-Bristol breweries who are coming down for BCBF will make it down a bit early and get involved in events of their own.

Bristol Beer Week 2018 is going back to its roots of a free-for-all community based collective. We will have no sponsors or featured venues and definitely no hard sell; just a number of inclusive beery and foodie events that show Bristol as one of the great UK destinations to make your mouth, head and stomach happy!

See you in September.