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why we love Wiper and True

There are many courses you can attend on the subject of ‘how to set up a brewery’, but few are likely to be as insightful as a trip down to Wiper & True. Michael Wiper (and the somewhat elusive Alexander True) are as passionate about building a successful, sustainable business, as they are about beer.

There are so many things to love about Wiper and True. For some it’s the unique, slightly mysterious branding, for others it’s the vast range of beguiling beers that they produce. For us, it’s the prevailing atmosphere of fun at the brewery; it’s no wonder there seems to be more staff there every time we visit.  

what's on

We’re incredibly proud to be part of the beer community in Bristol; it’s such a creative, vibrant and inspiring city and the last year has seen more amazing breweries and bars join in. BRISTOL BEER WEEK gives us the opportunity to celebrate the diverse and excellent beers the city produces, and also welcome other breweries from across the UK (and the world) to show us what they’ve been up to. We can’t wait to see what this year’s Beer Week has in store.