Shiny new things

Bristol Beer Week 2016 is all about moving forwards. One of our biggest steps this year is a complete rebranding of our online image, along with a rebuild of our most important resource, this here website.

Despite the success of our previous logo, particularly on our ever-popular t-shirts, we felt that the brand didn’t quite match up with the modern, progressive nature of the independent beer scene. We have developed the logo so that it has a similar theme but is far more effective in a digital environment (an overly elaborate way of saying 'it looks nice when it's small on a smart phone or laptop'). We’re sure that it will still work nicely on a t-shirt, don’t worry!

Our website, similarly, needed an overhaul. The new structure allows for a far more effective management of events and featured venues/breweries. It also links in rather smartly with our social media. It will be a work in progress, as we add more content, but hopefully there is enough on here to keep you going for the time being.

As with everything Bristol Beer Week related, we’ve taken the stubborn approach and DIYed it. We’re immensely proud of what we have produced, but we’re also bloody knackered, so we really hope you like it too.