why we love Moor Beer Co

Moor Beer Co strive to innovate within the modern brewing industry. They are pioneers of the murky beer movement, confident in the assertion that clarity isn't the best presentation for their beer, and fining with traditional processes can lead to a product that is not vegan friendly. They embrace modern and traditional, which is exemplified by the fact that they were the first brewery to produce a canned beer that received CAMRA 'real ale' accreditation

We love Moor Beer Co for their unabashed love of hardcore punk, Starwars and Italy. We love their tap room and regular tours, that include amazing street food and sometimes very loud music. We are just a little bit scared of brewery dog Baz, but he's only after your salt beef sandwich.

We moved our brewery and families to Bristol three years ago because it is one of the best communities in which to work and live. Ever since, we’ve been ambassadors for the city, introducing numerous people to its delights, with our taproom functioning as the epicentre for global beer travellers. With fantastic brewing colleagues like Lost & Grounded and Arbor, eccentric pubs like the Bag Of Nails and the Drapers Arms, and a population of warm, open-minded people, you’ll understand why so many rate it as Britain’s best beer city. Come join us!

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