why we love Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant have long since been the Bristol brewery with, erm, no brewery. Apart from a small pilot kit in their warehouse and taproom, all their brewing was done at other premises ('cuckoo' or 'gypsy' brewing). But that has all changed with the installation of their shiny new 15 brewer's barrel brewhouse. There's some really candid information about the design, purchase and build over at their blog.

We love Left Handed Giant for their balanced approach towards producing consistently good regular beers mixed in with experimentation in different styles and ageing. They've been great supporters of Bristol Beer Week since their inception so it's been a real privelege to be able to document the assembly of their new kit for our 2017 exhibition. We can't wait to see more of their beer available in Bristol.

Bristol has to have one of the most vibrant, creative beer scenes in the UK. From the vast array of producers to the awesome craft beer bar scene, it’s an amazing city to be based in. Bristol Beer Week has been an integral part of the evolution of the city into the hub of great beer it is today. It’s a great time to really enjoy the community we have here and get involved in the myriad of events the city’s bars always put together!

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