why we love Hunter and Sons

You will notice, from the map below, something a little curious about Hunter and Sons. That's right, it's in Bath! 'What place does a Bath venue have in a Bristol based programme of events?' you may ask. Well, for some time, we've wanted to have some representation in our nearest sister city, and it's only 11 minutes on the train after all!

If you've met James Hunter, you'll know how thoroughly passionate about beer he is. Hunter and Sons embodies everything that Bristol Beer Week is about, run completely independently and obsessed with bringing people the best beer money can buy. And to say they do a great sideline in artisanal coffee and reasonably priced, modern British food, would be doing them a disservice.

We're thrilled to have James and his team on board for Bristol Beer Week 2017 and we can't wait to see what events they come up with. 

Bristol’s beer scene is one of the strongest in the UK and events like Bristol Beer Week are such incredible ways of showcasing that. We’re hugely excited to be the first Bath based Bristol Beer Week event and we’re looking forward to sharing the experience with everyone!