why we love Good Chemistry

With new independent breweries you often get a sense of naivety; a feeling that passion is in abundance but other important aspects of running a small business aren’t quite there yet. Not with Good Chemistry. Bob and Kelly present a real cohesion to their story, like a graceful swan with legs pumping away under the surface.

We love Good Chemistry for their innovative approach to branding, eschewing traditional classifications for a pictorial system that describes each beer’s nuances. And we love their approach to building a community of breweries and opening their doors to families and friends at every opportunity.

There is a sense in Bristol that if you want to start a business doing what you love, the city will back you. Bristol Beer Week shows that spirit every year, celebrating local breweries and highlighting our home town’s growing status on the national beer scene. We’re excited to be involved this year, and proud to be part of such a great community.

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