freestyling originaLS

why we love Arbor Ales

Arbor Ales were arguably the original 'experimental' craft brewers in Bristol. Whilst they now have some regular core beers, owner Jon Comer built Arbor's reputation by rarely brewing the same beer twice and experimenting with masses of new world hops well before it became the norm in the industry.

We love Arbor Ales for their 'Freestyle Friday' brew days that often push the boundaries of what a beer should be. They will always have a very special place in our hearts after they welcomed us into the brewery, before the first ever Bristol Beer Week, to devise a beer, brew it with Jon and even name it. It was an amazing experience which we will always remember.    

It has been a privilege to be part of the development of the Bristol beer scene over the last decade. Every year seems to bring more great local beers, breweries, venues and people. Having an ever growing event like Bristol Beer Week to celebrate and support this is both a pleasure to be involved in, and indicative of the collaborative and cooperative nature of the Bristol beer community.